Start A Car Washing Business

So you want to try your hand at the car washing hustle?

That’s great to hear! First, I’ve got some tips and resources for you.

Can I start a car wash business cheaply?

Absolutely! In fact, I went to a mega-store nearby just to find the necessary products that it would take. Here’s that video:




The guide that I mentioned can be found here, but it’s more of the business related stuff than it is actually car washing related.

If you actually would prefer to get everything from amazon, the Chemical Guys have a pretty good kit that you can get here.

You can get the pressure washer that I found on Amazon hereyou can get the foam cannon to pair with the pressure washer here.

Also if you’re only going to use a hose and no pressure washer, you can get the foam gun attachment here.

How do I wash a car?

Here’s the best video I’ve found on washing your car:


How do I build my car washing business?

First and foremost, do good work. That’s the most important thing in any side hustle.

Beyond that I’d try to make sure that I had good marketing.

When it comes to marketing this kind of business, there are 3 great ways to get word out in 2018:

  1. Referrals
  2. Flyers
  3. Social

Referrals are easy enough to ask for, but can be hard to get unless you do exceptional work.

A great primer on flyers businesses similar to car washing from Neville Medhora can be found here.

As far as social goes, I would use either Facebook or Instagram because those two platforms would shine for a car washing business.

Facebook because it’s ad platform is very robust and would let you target people local to you.

Instagram because the photo sharing aspect would help a great car washing business shine.

Types of posts you could do for each include:

  • Facebook
    • Live streams of cleaning.
    • Explain how different compounds work.
    • Give tips for in between washes.
  • Instagram
    • Before and after shots.
    • Short videos of different washes.

But there are plenty other things you could do as well, those are just some quick thoughts.

Till next time,



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